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Stop Working In Your Business

My client and I were talking about a challenge that she has been having around growing her business.  She is an accountant and is often under tight deadlines.  On top of the “deadline” work there is constantly other new work coming in.  She works hard to make sure that all of her clients’ work is done; however, the marketing, business growth and day-to-day admin work often fall through the cracks.  On top of that she was feeling unfocused and that she was just chasing after deadlines all day. I like to categorize these activities as “IN” your business, “ON” your…


Help, I’m Spinning

I often do a brain dump exercise like this when I’m feeling overwhelmed with a project I’m working on or when I have lots of ideas or commitments going on in my head. I may think “Who has the time for this?” but the reality is that it doesn’t take long and truly saves you time and energy and gives you peace of mind. It could even be a great way to help you focus at the start your day.


Graduate and Move On

Nobody ever considers staying in high school beyond graduation because once you’ve graduated you’ve learned what you needed to learn there. How many times can you take the same science or math class? How many times can you write the same essay in English? High school was a vital stepping stone but it was just that…a stepping stone on a journey to another place.


What’s Really Going On?

You know as I just wrote that sentence I’m reminded of something I share with clients when we are working on creating systems. I suggest that they look at the systems that work for them and mimic those systems for other uses. The things that work in one area of your business or life tend to work in other areas. I guess this is the same thing in reverse. The things that aren’t working in one area tend to be broken in other areas.



The truth is that there is no way that you can do it all, even if you have a team of people helping you. The only way to create a thriving and sustainable business is to first, evaluate your options, second, decide which things you will do and which you won’t and finally, getting into action and doing!


Treat Me Right

Just because you think you are doing a favor for your clients, it doesn’t mean you’re not short-changing them. I am sure that the hotel I stayed at believed that I wanted convenience and speed. With that, they are right, but by giving me that convenience, they cut out the personal touch.

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