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Are You Practicing to Win?

What do Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, LeBron James, and other elite athletes have in common?  They all practice.  A lot.  Even after winning world championships, the first thing they do the following season is undertake rigorous training and practice sessions to develop their skills to even higher levels. Then they play a number of practice (pre-season) games to further refine their skills and prepare for the real games. My question is: if practice works so well in sports, why don’t we do it in the business world?  I study the way we work, especially leaders, and it’s clear to me…


Leadership Around the World

I recently had the opportunity to speak to more than a thousand CEOs and business owners in Australia and New Zealand. I had never worked in that part of the world before, so I didn’t quite know what to expect in terms of their most pressing issues and concerns. It turns out they face the same leadership challenges that we do in North America and Europe. Whenever I speak to CEO groups, I always ask what keeps them awake at night, what they struggle with the most. Here’s what I heard from our peers down under: Everything is moving too…


Are You Talking Your Way Out of Innovation?

How often do you hear these kinds of phrases in your company? Or worse, how often do you say them? We already tried that; it’ll never work. Nothing’s wrong with the way we’re doing it now, so why rock the boat? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! This looks risky; why should we spend money on something new that might not work out? We considered that idea several times in the past but it never penciled out. If there were a better way to do this, we would already have thought of it. I’m all for new products, but…


Your Phone is Now Your Bank: Are You Ready for Disruptive Innovation?

Does your bank fit inside your cell phone? If not, it soon will. And if today’s banks don’t come to terms with this fact very soon (as in starting yesterday), they may no longer exist in 10 or even five years. How’s that for disruptive innovation? I just finished reading Bank 3.0 –Why Banking Is No Longer Somewhere You Go But What You Do by Brett King. If this book doesn’t convince you that the world is changing faster that most of us can imagine, nothing will! It also puts to rest a common thought bubble that many business leaders are…


Are You Playing to Win?

Your #1 job as a leader is to create a compelling vision of winning, then keep yourself and everyone else in the organization focused on it with laser-like intensity. Are you focused on winning and moving towards it each day, celebrating milestones along the way? Or do you play to not lose? When an organization lacks a clear destination, it usually has many ill-defined ones. Employees feel unmotivated and uncommitted. Time, talent, and resources get wasted on products and projects that go nowhere. And people end up working on their own personal agendas rather than doing what’s best for the…


Are You in the Innovation Danger Zone?

Ever wonder why some companies seem to effortlessly come out with one great innovation after another while others struggle to get even one new product or service out the door? There’s a reason for it. Innovation is a complex process that involves a lot more than just throwing money at an R&D department and hoping for results. Specifically, it requires certain ways of thinking and behaving that open people up to considering possibilities and prevent them from getting stuck in the past. Companies that innovate on a regular basis practice these behaviors on a regular basis. Companies that struggle to…


Everything You Wanted to Know About Christmas (but were afraid to Google)

Did you know that Christmas — this country’s most cherished Christian holiday — has its roots in pagan festivals such as Saturnalia, the Kalends (a precursor to the 12 days of Christmas), and Deus Sol Invictus (birthday of the unconquerable sun)? According to historians, in ancient times these celebrations all took place around this time of year. When the Christian church came along, it strongly disapproved of such celebrations, and co-opted the pagans by declaring December 25 as Christ’s birthday – even though there is no evidence that Christ was born on that day. In A.D. 350, Pope Julius I…


Know When to Manage and When to Coach

Have you ever wondered why the head of a baseball team is called the manager and the head of a basketball team is called the coach? (These are the kinds of things I sometimes ponder on long airplane rides.) The answer has to do not just with the obvious differences between the two sports, but also with how the players are coached and managed during the games. Just as baseball and basketball are two very different sports, coaching and managing are two very different activities. One has to do with directing, the other has to do with teaching. Managing is…


The Dangers of Sensory Overload

Call me an old fogey, but the fact is we live in a very over-stimulated world. The real issue is not so much that we’re constantly in sensory overload. It’s that we’ve become desensitized to most of the stimuli bombarding our senses. This automatic tuning out of sensory input enables us to cope in today’s information overloaded world. But it does not serve us well at work.

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