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Networking Groups – Worth Your Time and Investment?

If you are or have ever been involved in a ‘networking’ group, was it worth the time and energy you invested? If you paid a fee, was it worth the investment?

If you said yes, it was or is worth the time, energy, and money I invested, that’s great. So many people I talk to who are involved in one or more networking groups, seem to be going through the motions. They don’t seem to get much out of the group, so what are they really putting into the group?

When you attend a networking group function, ask yourself what you want to get out of being part of the group. What is the goal and by when do you want to achieve it? Then, do everything you can to help ensure you achieve the goal. If you don’t achieve the goal, then the group probably isn’t the ‘right’ group with which to be involved. You have to determine if your time, energy and money invested in any group, is worth it or not. That is why you need to set goals and time frames in which to determine if it is worth it or not.

Continually evaluate whether or not you are putting yourself in the highest probability to achieve your goal(s) given the time, energy, and money you are investing. Obviously, some will work and some will not work to help you achieve your goals.  What should I be doing to get the best outcome for me?  If I am doing those things and not getting the result, then it isn’t worth it.

Time is valuable to each of us. Don’t waste time on things that don’t produce the results you want and in the time frame you want them. There are many opportunities for us, pick the best ones to help you achieve your goals and get rid of the rest. You will be glad you did.

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