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Technology Hasn’t Changed the Game – Just the Playing Field

The old school marketers may be somewhat intimidated by the new school marketers.  Don’t!   The same techniques we learned before cell phones, laptops, and iPhone apps are the same techniques used today.  They are simply done in a different arena.  There is a lot to benefit from being technically savvy. Doing your research and knowing your way around Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and the hundreds of other communities available can certainly put your name out there and give you exposure.  And even better, these are no-cost marketing tools.  But marketing is still marketing.  You must put forth a reasonable amount of effort to get a desireable return.  That means, networking, getting exposure, making cold calls, etc.  Like I said, the game hasn’t changed, just the playing field. 

The use of the term “cold calls” probably sounds archaic to most.  Marketers no longer go knocking on doors or even picking up the phone to make those dreaded cold calls.  Today’s marketer does send out massive amounts of emails a day looking for interests in whatever he’s “selling.”  And don’t forget talk to up your game where ever you go.  In today’s market it’s no longer the social parties where you gather to hob-knob with the business community - CEO’s, entreprenuers, and Presidents to  pitch your sales talk.  Now its about talking it up on Twitter, selling yourself on LinkedIn, and getting out there on facebook. 

Don’t let the techi world intimidate you.  Do your research and get  back in the game.  The same techniques you learned in marketing 101 thirty years ago still apply today.  Today’s marketer just has to learn where to use those skills; learn the new playing field.

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    Sondra Hulette

    Sondra Hulette is a veteran teacher of 14 years and a marketing assistant at Liberty Building Forensics Group. She believes there is still virtue in an honest day of work. Persistence and consistency will take you far, and doing what you say you will do keeps you there. Sondra notes that the road map may be different, but the basics of marketing are the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

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