How is it that meditation is so good for you and yet it seems so hard to do?  It’s supposed to bring about peace, but in many cases it brings its own frustrations.  I was there and had so much “monkey mind” going on and tried everything. Nothing worked.

Fast forward through corporate years, a near death experience because of stress and misdiagnosis and a doctor that told me to learn to meditate and eat more living food meaning vegetables.

Chaos comes from the worries and fears of “not” being good enough, perfect enough, happy enough, successful enough, on top of your list enough and so on.  It is a dangerous place this chaos thing.  It takes us out of our body and into the space above our heads.  This is exactly when chaos is amped.  Once you are not in the here and now or this very moment you are inviting chaos.  Some would say I have ADD, but really what I have is a lot of energy and that energy can be focused, so long as I am clear and present.

I wrote a book that took 7 years to complete because of the chaos I allowed into my mind about the book.  It is now complete and is much more clear because I spent the time to be present each time I wrote or edited. I would love for it to be a bestseller because it takes the very principles that my doctor told me to learn and brings them to the entrepreneurial mind, the business setting, the home and nature.

All these things are necessary to ensure that a well rounded life can be achieved with less and less chaos. It’s like we are in training to overcome the learned behaviours of chaos.  That’s why I wrote “Learn to Meditate in 2 Minutes for the Lazy, Crazy, and Time Deficient”.

In our chaotic and busy world we can allot at least 2 minutes, at least that’s what I discovered when I trained major corporations how meditation can be done at the office.  Will you give yourself 2 minutes here and now?  Yes, good.

I’ll give one technique away that is in the book that is so simple you may not want to use it.  It’s so simple that you may think it’s too simple to be effective.  It’s so simple that you’ll want to forget it.  Are you ready?

Take your left index finger and touch the tip of your nose. Do this by gently tapping your nose tip and breath. Notice how much more present and aware you are in this very moment. Notice that you have and are able to be involved in what is in front of you.  If you do this for 2 minutes you will have meditated and will have brought focus to a good chunk of your day.

Your discount code for the book Learn to Meditate in 2 Minutes (hard copy, ebook or audio) is CHAOSNO. Enjoy

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    Sheevaun Moran is an transformational speaker, nutritional expert, creator of innovative energy technology for limitless thinking, she is the author to several books and over a dozen holistic healing and meditation CDs . Her articles have appeared in Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles times, Conscious Living, Alternative Medicine. Sheevaun has been featured on CBS2, KCAL9, HBTV, PBS to name a few. Her blog and radio show are not to be missed.

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    3 Responses to “The Anti-Chaos Meditation Makes For a Better Leader”

    1. charotzz says:

      Hi there! once I was told by my hubby to have a focus but nothing seems work for me. There are so much that goes around my mind and it boils down to pleasing everybody. I always have my bible reading early in the morning and meditate afterwards on the verse that I read and to find it a struggle to concentrate, even with the silence around me. There are so much worries and things that goes into my mind, but slowly I am working on it. Thanks for this post. you just gave me an insight on what to do with my being so unfocused on things.
      charotzz recently posted…Cartoon Animation SoftwareMy Profile

    2. ella says:

      wow i can so relate to this, i also found meditation the best answer with a chaotic lifestyle but u’re right it’s hard to learn how to focus.
      ella recently posted…Wedding Speeches: Groom Or Finding the Right Book to Get the Job Done RightMy Profile

    3. Suzanne Grey says:

      Meditation works best to balance life and any other activities.
      Suzanne Grey recently posted…How Can Hydrocodone Abuse Effect You?My Profile

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