The mystery of SEO is only a mystery because you’ve given it too much importance. When you give importance to something just because you don’t understand it is when you are creating blocks or obstacles.

Meditation seems to be just as much a mystery for most as well as SEO. Many are evolving to gain an appreciation of the need to mediate but most have yet to successfully meditate.

The reason I talk about meditation and success is that for a long long time when I was in the corporate grind I sought meditation. I was so sick that even my doctor recommended meditation. Then, I found a successful meditation. It wasn’t a specific practice but it worked for me. People started asking me about how I got so calm and then I became a meditation teacher. It was the push I needed to break down what worked for me.

Here’s the deal and no it’s not the deal of the day but, it is the real deal. You already meditate, now just give yourself the permission to meditate this way. Spine straight, breathe, and focus your attention only on your breath. For the real way to do this you might want to check out our books or videos and they explain the details of the benefits of Meditation in 2 Minutes.

SEO is simple, a table of contents or phone book listing for your website with different ways to find you. Meditation for SEO success is this:


Meditate on the solution rather than the problem. The solution is I have the most fantastic ways for people to find me for exactly what I do. The problem is I don’t know what SEO is or how to … Listen to your happy and positive inner voice and breathe several breaths. Shift your attitude from your solar plexus to your heart. Have the ability to breathe and breathe and breathe. By breathing I mean lower abdomen, middle chest and then upper chest, hold for a moment and then reverse that for optimal success. Carry the message that you are getting once you are in your heart into your website, articles etc. Give the power back to yourself that you CAN do this and that it IS easy.

Light the LAMP for your inner peace and inner voice by using the Meditate in 2 Minutes and you will have the success you richly deserve.

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    1. Richard says:

      I meditate when I start to feel stressed over things. I use it more as a method to clear my head. Rather than meditating on a solution of focusing on something, I work on thinking of nothing and go through all the calming techniques of thinking of nothing. It does get me thinking better when I’ve relaxed and cleared my thoughts.
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