Our Straightforward Pricing Plan

At Savvy Chicks Media, we are dedicated to providing exceptional support and making your life easier! Our pricing plan is designed with that very goal in mind. We keep it simple, straightforward and completely flexible to meet your changing business needs.

    • Flexible Billing Plan
    • No Upfront Payments
    • No Long-term Contracts
    • Online Account Access
    • Flat Rate of $75/hr for all Premium Services
    • Flat Rate of $57/hr for all Standard Services


How Does it Work
We provide dedicated, reliable and skilled support when (and only when) you need it!

Call us at (203) 517-5500, or schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your needs.

We will match you with one of our highly-skilled and dedicated virtual assistants. (Meet our team!)

Your assistant will begin assisting you with any of the services we offer.

During the initial 60-days, you will be billed each Monday for any services provided the previous week. After the initial 60 days, we will switch you to a monthly billing schedule. You will then be invoiced on the 1st of each month for any time used in the previous month.

That’s it! We have no long-term contracts, no advanced payments, no pre-paid packages (or lost hours) each month, and no hidden charges.

Why Choose Us?
    • We are the leading U.S. based virtual assistant firm. (100% U.S. based)
    • You are matched with one dedicated assistant so you can develop a solid business relationship. (you also have the skills of our entire team available should you need them!)
    • During a conference call with you and your new assistant, we will discuss your needs and expectations in detail. This time is not billed to you, it is an investment we make in building a successful and long-term relationship.
    • We do not round up our time like most other virtual assistant firms. If a task only takes 2 minutes, you are only billed for 2 minutes.
    • We provide online access to your account. You may login anytime and view real-time reports on how much time your assistant is spending on any and all tasks…down to the minute.
    • We are the only leading VA team that bills retroactively. Our clients never have to worry about using up a specific number of hours each month, going over hours, losing their hours or roll-over hours. We do the work…then you pay us for it (simple, right?)
    • We genuinely care about each and every one of our clients and go above and beyond to help them succeed!
    • We have no long-term contracts, no hidden charges, and we offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

Still not sure? Just read what our clients are saying about us!

Get Started Today!
Option 1: Call us at (203) 517-5500.

Option 2: Schedule a complimentary consultation at a time that is convenient for you.

Option 3: Complete our new client assessment online.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which assistant will I be working with?
Your assistant will be selected based on a combination of factors. After our initial conversation with you and/or your getting started assessment, we take several things into consideration to make the best possible match. Some of these factors include:

  • What your primary needs and types of support you require.
  • Each of our team members’ unique skills.
  • The approximate number of hours you may need support each month (however, you are never required to meet any minimum time requirements) and our assistants’ availability.
  • Any specific requirements or preferences you may have (i.e. time zone, computer type, etc.)
Is my assistant located overseas?
No, all of our assistants are 100% U.S. based. Several larger VA companies claim to be U.S. based, when in fact they only have a “representative” in the U.S. and the actual work is being done elsewhere. Savvy Chicks Media is a firm believer in supporting the U.S. economy and its workers. We have never and will never outsource our work overseas.
How do you ensure the security of my sensitive information?
The security of our clients as well as their businesses are of the utmost importance to us. Our team is chosen very carefully to not only provide our clients with top notch services, but to protect the security of their personal and company information. In additional to being put through a series of advanced skills tests, multiple interviews and reference and background checks prior to employment; each assistant signs a detailed non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement with us. We also include a non-disclosure and confidentiality clause in our agreement with you. If you have additional documents that you would like to provide, we are happy to sign those as well.
How is time tracked for projects and tasks?
We use a time tracking software the keeps track of each task we do – down to the minute. Unlike most other VA companies, we do not round up our time to a 10, 15 or 20 minute minimum. If a task only takes 2 minutes…then you are only billed for 2 minutes.
How do I know how much time I am using?
We provide each of our clients with access to their own account on our time tracking software. You are able to login and see, in real-time, exactly how much time has been used that day, that week, or that month.


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